St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (Ecumenical Patriarchate)
Parish Council
Parish Council in 2010
Parish Council in 2010
Parish Council in 2010
Our parish council today
Our parish council today
Our parish council today

Our parish is blessed with an excellent council who look after the material needs and support of the community.  Under the capable leadership of Dr. Paul Slavchenko our capable and energetic council members have not only instituted programs and procedures which have contributed to the financial stability of our parish, but over the past several years have successfully negotiated the fund-raising campaign, design, and approval of a new parish hall which will be built this year.  

Our parish is blessed and grateful that God has given us such talented and dedicated council members!

Parish Council Presidents:

1935: Harry Cymbaluk

1936: Theodore Tychij

1937: John Jacula

 1938: Theodore Tychij

  1939: Mykyta Dutchak

  1940 – 43: Michael Starr         

 1944 – 45: William Hercia

   1946: Thomas Manilla

1947 – 52: John Stezik

1953: Dmytro Babij

1954 – 57: John Stezik

1958 – 60: Dmytro Babij

 1961 – 62: Walter Kuch

 1963: Dmytro Stanczenko

 1964: Morley Parfeniuk

 1965: Dmytro Babij

 1966: Victor Janchewsky

 1967 – 74: John Kuney

 1975: Walter Minosora

  1976: Steve Kisil

1977: Walter Minosora

1978 – 80: John Kuney

1981: Walter Minosora

1982: John Kuney

 1983: Steve Kisil

1984 - 85: Peter Senyk

1986 – 87: Alexander Polityka

1988: Gregory Nelipa

1989 – 92: Boris Skoblikowsky

1993 – 94: Gregory Nelipa

1995: Michael Klinduch

1996 – 99: Walter Minosora

 2000 – 01: Gregory Nelipa

 2002 – 03: Walter Minosora

2004 – 05: Gregory Nelipa

2006 – 07: Ihor Lysyk

2007 - 11: Carol Shewchuk   

2011 – 13: Dennis Urbanski

2013 - Present: Dr. Paul Slavchenko

Lenten Lecture and Book Presentation

On Wednesday, February 28th, Dr. Nicole Roccas will offer a talk on the subject of Time and Despondency, the title of her new book recently published by Ancient Faith Publications.  The talk will begin at 7 PM, and after the presentation and and question and answer period copies of the book will be available for purchase.  Everyone is welcome, Orthodox and non-Orthodox, Christian and non-Christian.

Click here to view the event poster

“The first thing to say about Time and Despondency is 'Perfect timing!' More and more I hear about and speak with people struggling with despondency. In an extremely readable and refreshingly practical way, Nicole Roccas provides wisdom and advice about the struggle with despondency that can connect to the modern reader and is also grounded in the ancient wisdom of the fathers of the Church. This book would be a welcome read for anyone who has struggled with or known anyone to struggle with the ancient and modern 'noon day demon': despondency.” --Fr. Philip Rogers, St. John's Orthodox Church (Memphis, TN)

We look forward to seeing you!

Upcoming Services
Saturday, 8 / 21 April
"Provody" at Union Cemetery at 11 AM
Great Vespers at 5 PM
Sunday, 9 / 22 April
Sunday of the Holy Myrrhbearers
Divine Liturgy at 10 AM
Parish "Sviachene" luncheon to follow
"Provody" at Ss. Volodymyr & Ol'ha (1 PM) and Thornton (3:30 PM) Cemeteries
Saturday, 15 / 28 April
Great Vespers at 5 PM
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